Investing in your present and your future

Experienced forestry management is critical to improving the value of your land and realizing the maximum gain possible when a sale occurs. The timber market is complex and land owners who go it alone put themselves at a great risk for loss during a sale. Long-term thinking and a deep knowledge of the market is crucial.



Forestry & Timber Sale Services

Registered forester-directed plans, prescribed burning, fire breaks, timber sale coordination with registered forester, timber harvesting management to protect against theft and damage, harvest clean up


"As a land owner, it was important to me to choose a company that I could work with long-term... a company I trusted. John Vann and his team have the honesty, integrity and knowledge that is so important in land management."

A Fascinating History

Southwest Georgia and North Florida are blessed with original remnants of an ancient longleaf pine forest that once spanned 90-million acres. The history of our region is fascinating from native species to turpentine production and more. 


Increase your land value with comprehensive land management services.


Create a year-round plan that meets your goals within your budget.


Manage for the fish and wild game that appeals to you, with a plan.


Manage projects to meet your goals: from forestry to timber sales, aquatic treatments, pasture management and more.

Land management services, serving South Georgia and North Florida

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