We understand your land is more than an investment

Land. It's the thing they don't make more of. Your land is more than an important investment in timber or recreation. It's part of your legacy. It's where you'll make memories and what you'll pass down. We believe caring for it takes a comprehensive understanding of best practices.



Specialty Services

For more than 70 years, we've cared for land. It's a family tradition three generations in the making, firmly rooted in the Red Hills Region of Georgia. These days, we manage land in diverse areas, and our services extend beyond forestry and land services. Total management can include assembling a legal team for you, connecting you to the best estate law attorneys, handling matters for you with your accountants, bookkeepers and other managers. We understand your important asset is often part of a larger plan for the future.


"As a land owner, it was important to me to choose a company that I could work with long-term... a company I trusted. John Vann and his team have the honesty, integrity and knowledge that is so important in land management."

A Fascinating History

Southwest Georgia and North Florida are blessed with original remnants of an ancient longleaf pine forest that once spanned 90-million acres. The history of our region is fascinating from native species to turpentine production and more. 


Increase your land value with comprehensive land management services.


Create a year-round plan that meets your goals within your budget.


Manage for the fish and wild game that appeals to you, with a plan.


Manage projects to meet your goals: from forestry to timber sales, aquatic treatments, pasture management and more.

Land management services, serving South Georgia and North Florida

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