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We've been managing land for more than 70 years.

Integrity, expertise, hard work and a fair price are the foundation of what we do. That's why generations have trusted us to manage their most valuable assets.

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Our Belief

We believe you deserve exceptional customer service. We are land managers and land owners ourselves. From estate law to accounting, timber management to wildlife ecology, we believe quality land management is crucial to a legacy of stewardship.

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Meet Our Founder


A third-generation plantation manager, John is also a land owner himself. Heyward Vann, John's grandfather, was a renowned estate attorney and provided an appreciation for the impact of accounting and estate law on a property's asset value. Growing up on the land gave John a deep understanding of classic land management practices, wildlife ecology and modern techniques.

Today, John manages thousands of acres under his direct advisement with many additional clients served every year through his company.

John's commitment to conservation practices is matched by his belief in giving back.


Love the outdoor lifestyle? So do we! Follow our social media for some of the area's most beautiful wildlife, landscapes, prescribed burning and more.


Increase your land value with comprehensive land management services.


Services for the fish and wild game that appeals to you.


Create a timber management plan that meets your goals within your budget


Manage projects to meet your goals with complete management services for one of your most important assets.

We understand your land is more than an investment

Land. It's the thing they don't make more of. Your land is more than an important investment in timber or recreation. It's part of your legacy. It's where you'll make memories and what you'll pass down. We believe caring for it takes a comprehensive understanding of best practices, and we're here to help.

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We're Here to Help.

Whether you have 10 acres or 10,000 acres, we're here to help you.

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