We've been managing land for more than 70 years.

Integrity, expertise, hard work and a fair price are the foundation of what we do. That's why generations have trusted us to manage their most valuable assets.



Our Belief

We believe you deserve exceptional customer service. We are land managers and land owners ourselves. From estate law to accounting, timber management to wildlife ecology, we believe quality land management is crucial to a legacy of stewardship.


Pictured: Founder & land manager John Vann at one of the plantations he manages with their dog Chino and a rescue deer they fostered

Meet Our Founder


A second-generation plantation manager, John is also a land owner himself. Heyward Vann, John's grandfather, was a renowned estate attorney and provided an appreciation for the impact of accounting and estate law on a property's asset value. Growing up on the land gave John a deep understanding of classic land management practices, wildlife ecology and modern techniques.

Today, John manages 2,700 acres under his direct advisement with many additional clients served every year through his company.

John's commitment to conservation practices is matched by his belief in giving back. John is a member the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) and Tall Timbers.


John and his wife Lauren live on a plantation he manages in Thomasville and are members of Thomasville First United Methodist Church. 


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A 70-Year Legacy

Red Hills Land Group has its origin in a long tradition of land stewardship. Founder John Vann's grandfather was prominent tax and estate lawyer Heyward Vann, the founder of Alexander & Vann LLP in Thomasville. The law firm served and continues to serve generations of land and plantation owners with estate management. Heyward's legacy was passed down to Andrew Vann, a plantation manager of one of Thomasville's most historic plantations for 40 years. Today, John continues their legacy with the management of 2,700 acres on three properties. Today, Red Hills Land Group provides outstanding service to land owners throughout Georgia and Florida. 

Andrew Vann, manager of Labrah Plantation, c. 1982


"The real deal! Unlike most other land management companies that are just really land-clearing operations, Red Hills Land Group is operated by plantation managers and professionals who understand proper management strategies, biology and best practices. Highly recommended."


Increase your land value with comprehensive land management services.


Create a year-round plan that meets your goals within your budget.


Manage for the fish and wild game that appeals to you, with a plan.


Manage projects to meet your goals: from forestry to timber sales, aquatic treatments, pasture management and more.

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